Wisdom of the Celtic wheel: Summer Solstice

The 21st of June marks the Summer Solstice and I absolutely love this time of year as we are bathed in sunshine and energy making it the day with the most light and least darkness.
Nature is in full bloom: the flowers are open, the bees are busy, the trees are full and Mother Earth is full of life and potentiality. People are also busy, getting out in the evenings, swimming in the sea, having picnics, etc. 
The summer solstice is a time of energy, growth, a time for celebration, gratitude and a ripe time to start new things, create new goals/ dreams and visions for your heartfelt desires. 
As the earth is bathed in light, it is an opportunity for us to acknowledge where we would like to bring more light into or even lighten up within. This alignment, timing and energy also creates an ideal opening in which to look at the gifts, talents and opportunities that we find easy to embody and a time to cultivate those that are latent.
Our forefathers marked this time of year in many ways. They knew that it was a time to celebrate this abundance as inevitably the autumn would come and so too the winter. Therefore, harnessing the energy that is all around us at this time through reflection & guided makes it a much more powerful, intentional and incredible experience.
On this evening you will experience:
– A guided meditation to embrace the spirit of the Summer Solstice
– A guided journey to meet you inner light so you can embody it more fully
– You will be bathed in Reiki healing for the evening, this will help you to refuel your energy, balance your chakras and heighten your vibration. 
– A fire ceremony to release what no longer serves you and welcome in what you’re looking for 
– Connect with like minded people as we come together in community and laughter to celebrate this wonderful day.
Investment: €25 
If you’re in the Soul Seekers gold membership, this is included. Click here if you’d like to find out more about soul seekers