NY Intentions & Reflections Sat 9th Jan

This workshop is for anyone who wants to co-create 2021 and meet it with heart-full intention.
As 2020 draws to a close it might have brought you joy and love, it might have brought you struggle, pain and stress or perhaps you had a mixed pot. No matter what your experience was, it is worthwhile now to pause, reflect and spend some time letting go of the last year to welcome in 2021, to leave all that’s happened in the past and take only what you want into this new beginning

It’s coming up to that time of year, and you are probably already thinking about what New Years Resolutions you might set… but if you’re anything like me you’ll already know that they’ve never actually worked for you and that by February you’re exhausted, you’ve given up and you feel shit about yourself. (sorry for the expletive!) ?

You might be thinking that you’re going to go to the gym more or start a course. I know that was a common one for me, for years I would set the same new years resolutions and every year I thought this would be the year that I would have a body like Elle McPherson , the intellect of a college Professor, I would become an international speaker oh and complete an ironman.

And then each year I’d have given up by February, the said goals would be hidden at the back of a drawer by March and I would spend the rest of the year avoiding the drawer lamenting about my failed attempts. I was stuck in a cycle of going nowhere and feeling quite fed up with myself in the process. Yet, I would do the exact same thing the following Jan. This year will be different….until one year it worked and I tried something different.

Now I’ve got something for you that works SO much better than New Year’s Resolutions. Every Jan I set one or two intentions instead. An intention is something you want to cultivate and it’s not dependent on a set of goals, it’s simpler it’s easier, it’s inspiring and it’s much more likely to sustain you through winter into spring.

What’s the difference between a goal and an intention I hear you say? Well let’s say you’re going to go to the gym 5 times a week.. and you’re going to lose a stone by February. That’s a set of goals. An intention would be “I’m going to look after my body”. And that can be done in many different ways, drinking more water, eating healthier, going for walks…

I have created an online morning workshop incorporating guided meditation, reflective questions, and life coaching to help you with all of this. It also outlines how to set intentions and how to keep them.