An introduction to the Celtic Wheel

Date: Saturday 13th Feb 10am to 12:30pm

Our ancestors lived according the the guidance, wisdom and flow of the Celtic Wheel. Made up of 8 significant dates, this cycle shows us how to live our lives in flow with nature, what to do when we get stuck and how to use it for the manifestation of our dreams and ambitions.

While this wheel is 1000’s of years old, the teachings are still relevant today, after all we still cycle through spring, summer, autumn and winter – physically, literally and metaphorically.

Working with the wheel will help you not only live a life of flow and balance but also to know how to deal with challenges, obstacles and resistances.

This is an introduction morning during which I will explain the wheel and its teachings, I will guide you through a healing mediation to connect with the wheel and we will do some reflective work so that straight away you will discover what seasons the various parts of your life are in and what you need to do to create flow.

This is a ticketed event so please purchase your ticket via the link below. It will be recorded and it will be available for download after the class. You will also receive a PDF copy of the wheel we will be using

Tickets: €25

Held via Zoom