Wisdom of the Celtic wheel: Bealtaine

Join me over Zoom as we connect for an evening to celebrate one of my favourite times of the year. Bealtaine is a Celtic festival celebrated by our ancestors and it marks the beginning of summer. It is a celebration that the winter and spring are over, the days are getting longer and nature is busier than ever!

During this evening you will be guided through two healing meditations, a ceremony to honour this potent time of year, learn how Bealtaine shows up in your life and how you can harness its energy for guidance. You will also be held in a healing circle for the evening.
This time is also associated with the themes of summer – the returning light, fertility and abundance and its about the union of the inner male and female energies we all carry.
Join us for a evening of healing, meditation and connection to Bealtaine and all that it holds for you. This session will be recorded so you can also have access after the evening.