Mindfulness for wellbeing

a mindfulness practice for overthinking

Thank you for your sign up! Here is your Mindfulness goody bag, it’s called Mindfulness for overthinking.

I’m sure you know the feeling, when you’re stressed it can sometimes be hard to breathe can’t it?
And can you remember when you last took a deep breath? It might have been after a nice facial or a relaxing massage or somewhere on holiday (remember them!)
Well if you cast your mind back to those times you might notice that your thoughts were pretty calm and it might even have been hard to get worked up and be stressed about something!
So calm mind, calm breath and vice vearsa.
In this mindfulness practice I will share with you..
  • Why the breath is so important in mindfulness (and it might not be he reason you thought!) 
  • A very simple tool for helping you sleep (or get back to sleep) when your thoughts are racing.

In this mindfulness practice I also bring in a little visualisation – great for all you thinkers. Plus its one of my favourites!

You are also getting a PDF download of 3 simple mindfulness tips to use everyday to help you get out of your head and into your body.  

Over time and with practice these tips will help you feel more grounded, be in your body and access your intuition. They will also help you tackle tasks and to do lists one step at a time. 

I hope you enjoy


To experience the most benefit I would recommend listening to the meditation regularly for 14 days.. It has been proven that this will change your brain chemistry and you will experience the benefits of mindfulness (and lots more before then).