Your  wellness coach for 1:1 training and community-based learning in meditation, mindfulness, and living a more joyful life.

We all want to learn how to calm your mind, deal with overwhelm & procrastination or feel happier, be calm and live your best life.

Especially now! In the midst of all of this.

Let me show you how. I have created a FREE mindfulness webinar from my years of teaching so that you can experience first hand how transformational mindfulness can be.

Get the resources and support you need to build a strong, solid and lasting mindfulness practice.

Over the course of 6 month you will receive bite-sized mindfulness into an online library making mindfulness easy, do-able & accessible, so that you can enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. 

thursday 6th May at 7pm

Feel like you need some space – to breathe, to stop, pause and give yourself some time?

Because you know in your heart that by stopping, just for a short while, it will give you what you need – calm, peace of mind, happiness and more.

Join me as we pause, breathe and connect to this ancient festival and all it’s teachings


An online community of Meditation & healing evenings, Celtic calendar celebrations, moon rituals and more. Assess online meditations and get a discount off 1:1 appointments.

This is for you if you wish to connect to an online community, delve into the teachings of meditation and live a more meaningful and connected life.