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An online community of Meditation & healing evenings, Celtic calendar celebrations, moon rituals and more. Assess a library of online workshops and meditations, bonus sessions, discounts and more.

This is for you if you wish to connect to an online community, delve into the teachings of meditation and live a more meaningful and connected life.

Celebrating the summer solstice

wednesday 22nd June 7pm to 8:30/9 online

Connect with an online community of like minded people to celebrate one of the most well known of the Celtic calendar dates: The Summer Solstice. Our ancestors have celebrated this for 1000’s of years and this day is the time of most light in the year. And so we too stop and go inwards to connect with nature through meditation & reflection because to do so is to learn from nature and co-create with her.

Reiki Level 3 / Reiki mastery

saturday & sunday 23rd & 24th July

The final teaching in the Dr Usui lineage of Reiki healing. During this weekend you step into your mastership as an energy being, honouring a deep commitment to your own healing and journey.

Over the weekend, you not only will you learn how to attune others to all levels of Reiki and how to give a Reiki Boost (Reiju) You will also receive your Reiki master symbol and the final two rays of Reiki. We will also revise level 1 and 2 covering areas like why self care is so important as a Reiki practitioner. and setting up a practice. Also as part of taking this step with me, you may sit in on a Reiki Level 1 or 2 weekend as part of your training.

Soul Seekers samhain retreat

Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th November

Immersive yourself in the wilds of the west. Connect with like minded people. Take time out of your busy lives to stop, create space and delve into the teachings of mindfulness, nature and coaching, so that you may emerge anew, rid of the layers that no longer serve you. 

Venue: Essence of Mulranny, Mulranny, Co Mayo

FREE! 21 days of gratitude

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Research shows that consistently grateful people are happier, more energetic, more hopeful, more helpful, more empathic, more spiritual, more forgiving, and less materialistic. They’re also less likely to be depressed, anxious, lonely, envious, neurotic, or sick.

It has also been shown that with regular practice, your brain neurons will automatically look for more things to be grateful for in your life….you literally become re-wired to be happier!

This is a FREE 21 day programme for you to practice and enjoy all the benefits of gratitude