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The summer solstice is a time of energy, growth, a time for celebration, gratitude and a ripe time to start new things, create new goals/ dreams and visions for your heartfelt desires. 
As the earth is bathed in light, it is an opportunity for us to acknowledge where we would like to bring more light into or even lighten up within. This alignment, timing and energy also creates an ideal opening in which to look at the gifts, talents and opportunities that we find easy to embody and a time to cultivate those that are latent.

The definition of compassion is the ability to understand the emotional state of another person or oneself and the desire to help the person who is suffering.

Self- compassion isn’t about liking yourself when you become a better person, self compassion is about liking yourself as you are.

It is befriending yourself now Not when you’re perfect, or when you’re a size 10, or no longer…’s becoming a friend to yourself now. And in doing so everything changes for the better

The GOOD News is that no matter what your starting point is there’s always room to be even more self-compassionate! 


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